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APBE 2018 will be Inaugurated in Guangzhou in August 16-18!

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APBE 2018 will be Inaugurated in Guangzhou in August!   As a momentous renewable energy source, biomass energy has been developed rapidly in China in recent years, with great breakthroughs in its popularity and industrial sca
APBE 2018 will be Inaugurated in Guangzhou in August!
As a momentous renewable energy source, biomass energy has been developed rapidly in China in recent years, with great breakthroughs in its popularity and industrial scale. In the wake of the promotion of multiple policies, like13th Five-Year Plan for Biomass Energy, Hundred-Town Pilot Project Construction of Biomass Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat, etc, the biomass energy industry is moving into large-scale, standardized and industrialized development.
2018 Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE) is scheduled to be slated on August 16-18, 2018, at China Import & Export Fair Complex. Concurrently held with  the 5th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit 2018, APBE will exhibit new products, new equipment and technology, setting up a platform for government, enterprises, education, research institutes. 
Brands and Professional Buyers Converge Together in APBE
APBE is a great international event with considerable scale and influence in the world. APBE and the Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit have gathered a wide range of energy groups, power generation groups, contract energy management, molding equipment manufacturers, granulation plants, boiler transformation and distribution agents and other high-quality distributors, for seven consecutive years to establish a strong database of 200,000. At the same time, more than 30 domestic and foreign associations and authoritative institutions are invited to attend!
APBE 2018 pays more attention to quality products, brands enterprises and quality service than previous exhibitions. Excellent brands will be under one roof to showcase innovative technology and products, meanwhile, corporate brand image, corporate culture and quality service will be given more extensive attention and promotion. It’s projected that over 160 enterprises will attend APBE, of which boiler combustion brands include POLYTECHNIK, ZEECO, EBICO, Rosht, Jvneng, Luding, Shuangfeng, Xianchuang, Devotion, Shuangliang, Tailing, Hengtai, etc. There are some molding and crusher brands, such as Kingwood, BSR, Hongxin, Dingliang, Rongda, Five Continent, Yuguan, Hongshun, Qifa, Lida, Weidong and so on. Besides, some thermal electrification and other brands will participate in APBE, including Huanyu, Debo, Baojie, Huoerchi, Hengning, Hongxing, Yuanda, Shuangzheng, Tongli, Hengxin and so on.
Associations Bring Together to Sign Self-discipline Pact
Guangdong is the birthplace of China's biomass energy, and China is the pioneer of the Asian biomass industry. APBE joins hands together with Specialized Committee of Biomass Energy of GDEC and Guangdong Biomass Energy Industry Alliance to invite over 30 associations together, to sign self-discipline pact and guide the orderly and healthy development of the industry. The leaders from World Bioenergy Association, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, New Zealand Bioenergy Association, Specialized Committee of Biomass Energy, China Association of Rural Energy Industry, Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, etc are about to attend. Apart from the leaders from associations, APBE also draws other leaders from Ministry of Agriculture, National Development and Reform Commission, China National Renewable Energy Centre, etc.
Industry Bigwigs Gather Together in High-caliber Summit
With the theme of “Transform And Upgrade To Hew Out a New Chapter of Bioenergy”, the 5th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit 2018 will be concurrently held during August 15-16, in Guangzhou Grand Royal Hotel, to discuss the global situation and international market, interpret industry policies, analyze industrial development as well as share new technologies, new products and excellent engineering cases. Moreover, industry elites are under the same roof to share their own unique opinions. In addition, over 80 domestic and foreign leaders and authoritative association experts, more than 600 industry elites as well as brands enterprises will attend the great event, creating a platform for sharing, cooperation, communication and interaction of the whole industry chain for the biomass energy industry.
International Professional Purchasers Come Together in Guangzhou
With 7 years of development experience, APBE has cooperated with more than 120 industry associations, websites, magazines and B2B platforms throughout the world to promote and invite international professional buyers. Up to now, more than 300 international buyers have made their reservations, including Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Nepal, Nigeria, Portugal, Japan and other over 60 countries and regions.
The 14th Guangzhou Int’l Heat Energy Exhibition(Heat China) and China Int’l Energy Conservation, Energy Storage & Clean Energy Expo will be opened concurrently, with a total of 8 exhibition halls, 100,000 square meters, more than 1,200 brands including boiler equipment, drying equipment, bioenergy, solar energy, power supply and other related fields. There will be 100,000 person-time visiting the show.
New Products will be Performed, Drying Low-nitrogen Technology Being the Highlight
The innovative products will make their debut together. Under the new environmental protection policy, gas boilers are no longer exempt from inspection, and the prospect of low-nitrogen technology is unlimited. The low-nitrogen burners from ZEECO, EBICO, Luding, etc will be performed. Luding's 6th generation condensing low-nitrogen steam generator, ultra-low nitrogen burner will be released. Dingliang's new small particle machine solves the problem of self-production and self-use of burner users. Boen’s steam generator has the characteristics of fast gas output, low exhaust gas temperature, intelligent control and module installation. There are other brands enterprises displaying their latest products, such as Kingwood, Yuguan, Yigong, Shuangfeng, Shuangliang, Devotion, Rosht, etc.
In the same period, Heat China makes joint efforts with Drying Equipment Branch of CGMA to hold 2018 China Smart Heating & Drying Innovation Conference, discussing new drying technologies and new methods to seek for the most suitable drying solutions for various industries! In the future, the drying of agricultural products will become the new blue sea for air source heat pump!
Furthermore, the 2018 China Smart Heating & Low-nitrogen Technology Summit, organized by Guangdong Biomass Energy Industry Alliance and Luding Energy Business School, will be slated on August 17th, in China Import and Export Fair Complex. Following the environmental protection policy, low-nitrogen (nitrogen reduction) technology from all over the country will be collected.
On 16-18 August, let’s witness the ultimate event of the biomass energy industry chain. We will be waiting for you in China Import and Export Fair Complex. It’s hoped that your trip to Guangzhou will be fruitful!