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CTBN-the official Media partners for the 8th APBE 2019 Biomass energy exhibition

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As the official Media partners for the 8th APBE 2019 Biomass energy exhibition ,Guangzhou, China
It is our aim to have a full coverage of this event by dealing with all aspect of products on exhibition, join conferences debates, and examine solutions and solutions providers.
Please view our web site for distribution network; our aim is to produce a minimum of 10000 to Max of 50000 copies depending on supply and demand, these copies will be distributed to the following organisations :- local authorities effected by floods, environment agency, government departments, architects ,construction companies, water companies ,British-waterways, Network Rail, universities development and research organisations ,National Flood forum, British chamber of comers, local flood committees, housing associations  and most importantly to our loyal subscribers and partners world wide .        
CTBN is a global British publication with a global distribution network.
Floods and Climate change are global issues, it is in our aim to generate max publicity for the three world leading events, our special edition of Floods and climate change  publication ,will be a perfect PR opportunity for exhibitors to take advantage of our attractive range of advertising packages rates on offer   .
CTBN reserve all rights, quantities produced will depend supply and demand.
 All conditions and rules apply ,all copy rights are reserved and belong to Cleantech Business News Ltd.
 Directores:- Z al Kahzrajie, Nadia Al Kahzrajie, Simon Beverly Smith
Company registerd in England and wales: registration Number 10228163
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