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World Renewable Energy Congress

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                Better World with Renewable Energy                World Renewable Energy Congress - 20           &nb

                Better World with Renewable Energy
             World Renewable Energy Congress - 20
                        13-18 September – 2020 
                WREC – WREN 30th Anniversary
     Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
        Instituto Superior Técnico – Lisbon, Portugal
Mission Statement
Who can be trusted to safeguard the future for our grandchildren when scientists are ignored and ridiculed; when the United Nations is toothless; when dividends are prioritised above the safety and wellbeing of humankind? We must all continue to work tirelessly to promote renewable energies, to search for new sources of sustainable energy, to condemn all forms of pollution whether from transport fuel emissions, agribusiness, construction and industry. Without urgent radical changes to our transports systems, electricity production, food production and present consumption rates there will be calamity.
WREN has been a “prophet of doom” for more than 30 years promoting enabling policies and the development of a broad range of renewable technologies and applications across all sectors: for heating, cooling, agriculture applications, water desalination, transport and industrial applications for a BETTER, CLEANER, SAFER WORLD.
The good news is that the younger generation is listening and acting and some countries are already changing their life styles, to minimise their carbon based emissions. WREN will keep working and running Congresses until all countries achieves 100%electricity supply from renewables hopefully before 2050.
For more details please write to Prof Ali Sayigh, Chairman of WREN, email: or see our web: