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Bright Future for China's Biomass Energy

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         Bright Future for China's Biomass Energy                        &nbs

         Bright Future for China's Biomass Energy  
                                    By APBE2016 Organizing Committee
Conforming to low carbon environmental protection
As an essential member of new energy industries, biomass energy conforms to the requirements of low carbon environmental protection and green development. With the vigorous development of the environmental protection industry, China will accelerate the development of biomass energy and improve its economic benefits.
Compared with the solar energy and wind energy, biomass energy has the advantages of low cost storage, as well as more stable and sustainable energy supply. Evaluated from the economic value of energy, biomass solid fuel has high value and the utilization cost is much lower than the oil. Nowadays, China's oil is in short supply. The international oil price has risen since February 2016, but China's crude oil increasingly relies on import, which takes up 60%. Figure shows that from January to April this year, China's crude oil imports grew by 11.8%. Therefore, experts indicate that we must pay close attention to alternative energy sources. As a renewable energy, biomass energy can compensate the shortage of domestic oil. Its potential deserves further exploration.
China's government promotes biomass energy industry
The 13th Five-year Plan issued by China’s government on Oct. 3rd , 2015 has brought larger strategic opportunities to emerging industries, such as new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, information technology, etc. The 13th Five-Year Plan share the notions of innovative development, coordinated development, green development, open development and shared development, among which coordinated development, green development and open development are the advantages of biomass energy. Lat but not least, the government will further reduce the difficulties of biomass fuel storage and cost, transportation, which will consequently attract more enterprises and capital into the biomass energy industry chain.
China's enormous potential of biomass energy market
Although fossil energy is China’s main source of energy, biomass energy industry has brilliant prospects. It is reported that at present 7 million tons of straw is produced per year in China’s rural areas, and 1million ton of straw can be transformed into alcohol. If we promote the process for preparing liquid fuel by fast pyrolysis of biomass, abundant straw resources can be transformed into a huge amount of bio oilfield. In addition, large quantities of organic waste, which is produced in China’s agriculture and animal husbandry organic waste and urban biomass waste, can become abundant biogas resources. The utilization of biogas purification can alleviate the shortage of natural gas resources in China. In South China there is a lot of swamp which can be used to plant oil crops and develop bio diesel industry. Coupled with livestock manure, forest processing remainder, there exit at least 4.5 million tons of standard coal developed for biomass energy, equivalent to China's energy consumption of 40% in 2000.
Chinas biomass energy potential deserves further exploration
After decades of rapid development, biomass energy has reached about 10% in the world's primary energy supply structure, ranking the fourth largest energy. But due to the late development, China's biomass energy still occupies a small proportion in the primary energy supply structure. EU biomass energy reaches as high as 60% in the proportion of renewable energy, while China's biomass energy accounts for less than 10% of renewable energy. It is apparent that the development potential of China’s biomass energy is so huge that it deserves further exploration.
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